Struggling To Keep Calm


One of the other posters available from Barters Book . . .

I always loved the ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ poster since I noticed in on display at Barter Books in Northumberland (my favourite book shop in the UK – I’m sure I’ve rambled on about it before on here) despite the fact that it’s been slowly and steadily abused by a whole host of unimaginative retailers.

However my love is being sorely tested given that one of the least imaginative bands in Britain, The Stereophonics, has decided to forgo any attempt to use something of their own and instead steal the ‘Keep Calm’ message for the title of the latest album. Curses on all their respective houses.

I’ve always wanted to maintain a degree of positivity with this blog so in order to counteract the grumpiness of the above why not go and read about the history of the original poster at Barter Books and about the story of what’s happened since they found it at Mary Manley’s (the owner of Barter Books) blog – which includes details of a certain Mr Mark Coop, a man it seems born to help allow the continuation of the use of the term ‘brassneck’.

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