Water, Water, Everywhere (day7)


Life can be full of disappointment.

We’re travelling home to Norfolk on Saturday, however on Sunday the World Stone Skimming Championship will be taking place on Easdale Island – just down the road from where we’re currently staying.  Heartbreaking stuff I’m sure you’ll agree.  We decided to visit Easdale anyway (before our appointment later in the day) so if nothing else we could say we’ve been and to allow us to cross the ‘Bridge Across The Atlantic’.

And to further alleviate the despondence in the camp in respect of our inability to become stone skimmers par excellence we decided to take a ‘High Tea Cruise to Mull’ with the fine people at Caledonian MacBrayne, something which we can now highly recommend. Even though the weather was (once again) somewhat inclement, the views were spectacular and the ‘High Tea’ unusually notable (what is it with the macaroni obsession ?).

One day remaining of our time in Scotland which is a shame because it’s been just grand.

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