Thrills, Spills But No Bellyaches (day5)


Well the weather broke in the night replacing the relentless rain with showers timed every three minutes or so – they say that you can have a week’s worth of weather in a single day out here on the West of the Scotland – ‘they’ are wrong it’s more like a fortnights.

Anyway given the improvememnt in the weather we decided to be brave and actually venture outside and in fact take in a visit to ‘Cruachan – the hollow mountain’.  Now a pumped-storage hydroelectric power station may not seem like a glamorous location but it’s more alluring than it seems – in fact for those of us with an over active imagination it has a little of a location designed for a Bond villain – all tunnels carved deep into the mountain which eventually reach ridiculously unlikely man made caverns filled with wildly sizey (and no doubt hugely expensive) machinery. In fact even the lady of the house enjoyed the visit underground which I was pleased about, especially given that she was hoping that this was the power station I initially had in mind.

Then, given that our visit to Oban yesterday had been truncated somewhat by the rain and a parking ticket machine determined to make sizeable volumes of money for the local council, we returned to have a further look – to investigate the possibilities of a trip out on the water with the fine people at Caledonian MacBrayne, to have a look at a couple of museums that I’d located the day before and to get a view of the surrounding landscape from McCraig’s Tower (which was more eventful than I had planned).

And finally back to Benderloch to watch the rest of the day disappear over the horizon and to wonder what the big shiny thing in the sky was.

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