Still Interested III


And so we arrive at the last session of the day, this time MC’d by Ken Hollings (who appeared as a speaker last year).

#29 Mark Earls opened the fourth session with his impromptu ‘Darwinian Display Team’ who helped him demonstrate the concept of random drift.

#30 Robert Thomas gave a demonstration of RjDj, and spoke of music as software – didn’t really understand some of what Robert was saying, he seemed to be suggesting that software like RjDj would mean the death of the recording studio which seemed to be stretching the point a little – perhaps I misunderstood ?

#31 Gem Spear spoke about underground rivers and the skeletal remains of inter-urban railway systems in the US.

#32 Paul Hammond then gave us an inside track on how to win at Monopoly – information that I’d be a fool to share.

#33 David Smith moved to the serious with a passionate talk about his life in teaching and his belief that you can’t teach children well unless you love children. (This was one of the many moments where you wondered where else you would hear such diverse, such passionate and such interesting speakers all in one day and all under one roof.)

#34 Richard Reynolds then spoke about Guerilla Gardening and told us about reclaiming a flowerbed near Parliament and as a result it seems shaming the local council into action. (Must get around to buying his book.)

#35 Jim Le Fevre who was a highlight in the flesh (as it were) last year with his amazing zoetrope experiments was back again albeit through a new (and very lovely) film about astrotagging.

#36 Claire Margetts then reported back from the ‘Do’ lectures (which she organises), which look very good indeed but far too expensive for the likes of me and you (well me anyway).

#37 Matt Ward next talked about the ‘Architecture of Friovolity’ and his plans for trying to view a bullet as it reached the top of its trajectory – which eventually resulted in the building of a rudimentary gun and the firing of ball bearings at his head. Brilliant talk in such a short time, and an ethos that more should embrace (not the ball bearing bit, the frivolity bit).

#38 Dan Germain then wandered on for the final talk of the day with a talk about sunsets. He told us that “sunsets = death” and explained to us that “The plain truth is that everyone knows that photos of sunsets are never as good as they actually seem when you’re looking at them with your eyes . . . but we keep taking them anyway.” – an excellent finishing speaker.

And then, well then it was all over as quickly as it had begun.

I can’t begin to tell how wonderful a day at Interesting is – a day free of cynicism,  a day packed full of ideas and opinions, a day of passion and of fun. You know those dull, frustrating days at work where you seem to rolling a very large stone up a very steep hill (while others push against you), well interesting is kind of the exact opposite of that – all I need do now is work out how to get through to next years . . . so in the mean time thanks to Russell and to all the speakers – what a great great day.

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