“Modern Art Makes Me Want To Rock Out”*


Tuesday was spent (somewhat) in Cambridge. The morning / afternoon involved in some decidedly dry (albeit quiet useful) discussions around the minutiae of housing policy at the (very warm) Cambridge Rugby Club (a place I wouldn’t normally find myself). And then a flying visit to Jesus College to see the ‘Sculpture in the Close 2009’ exhibition (which continues until the 28th of this month). Having travelled to London, St Ives and perhaps less probably Crosby to see various Gormley ‘exhibitions’ I’m bemused that I’d not gone sooner – although in my defence Cambridge is always further than I think (to paraphrase Mr Tom Cox“They say you have to drive through an awful lot of Cambridgeshire before you get to Cambridgeshire.” ).

Anyways I did get there in the end and as ever the effort was well worth it, with Gormley’s pieces being the highlight for me – although there’s also work there from Anthony Caro (which I quite liked) and Anselm Kiefer (which I really didn’t like at all).  What I completely forgot about though was the permanent collection which includes these amazing pieces by Jake and Dinos Chapman which I must go back and see close up – you should do to.

* Thank you Mr Eddie Argos.

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