“Soup Soup, A Tasty Soup”


My hometown of King’s Lynn is to be honest a somewhat unassuming place.

Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, it’s just that it is.

When drawn into conversation about where I’m from my answer is usually received with either a blank look or a vague recollection of a notoriously confusing roundabout system on the edge of town. And although this is perhaps a little harsh on a town destined never to compete with it’s past glories it’s perhaps not too harsh. That said if you explore the town no further than said roundabout you will, currently, be able to see what is arguably one of the most iconic buildings in the whole of East Anglia – namely the Campbell’s water tower.

Now I say currently because for some time now the tower has been under the ownership of the evil empire, aka Tesco, and as such destined for demolition in order to make way for additional shops and a hotel (be still my beating heart), however in yesterday’s paper it seems the local Civic Society has launched an admirable and ambitious campaign to save it. Too often these kind of organisations ignore everything but the quaintest, and usually oldest, buildings so more power to the Lynn Civic Society for getting behind a 20th Century building, a post war industrial one at that.

So keep you’re fingers crossed – and don’t just take my word that it’s worth a look.

6 Responses to ““Soup Soup, A Tasty Soup””

  1. F****g Tesco. Urgh. I don’t know why they need to expand further, there’s already two in the town as well as countless other supermarkets.

    I’m so glad there’s a campaign to save it though, and surely it’s in Tesco’s vested interest to keep an iconic building as part of their structure, an Oxo tower kind of thing. Well done Civic Society!

    PS. Hello! I’ve been enjoying reading your blog for a while now as I followed you here via FlickR!

  2. 2 danielweiresq

    And hello to you . . . thanks for stopping by. It’s nice to know that there are people in the King’s Lynn area who’d rather have the Campbell’s water tower still standing than another Tesco development.

    I shall now go and investigate your photographs on flickr.

    DW x

  3. 3 danielweiresq

    Although no sooner do I find you than I find your’re off to Colchester. Harumph.

    DW x

  4. Anything is better than more Tesco. We just simply don’t *need* it.

    I am off to Colchester! But I will be back most weekends so I’m not abandoning ol’ King’s Lynn for good.

  5. 5 danielweiresq

    I read the news today oh boy – http://twitpic.com/hy8fr, today the Letters Page of the Lynn News tomorrow ? Well probably the Letters Page of the Lynn News.

    DW x

  6. Oh my God! Fame in the Lynn News! I’m not sure that isn’t a dubious honour though….

    :waves hello to Lynn News who are clearly reading:


    That’s a very random addition to my evening, and good catch! I bet your jaw dropped when you read it!

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