“I Think Images Are Worth Repeating”*


I don’t remember there being a stand at my school’s careers evening explaining the advantages of working in the world of art dealing, which is a shame because I could have ended up living in a house like this. Which isn’t to say I’m not happy but boy this is a lovely lovely house – and currently (for the next month anyway) Robert Sandleson, the owner (and ‘modern and contemporary art dealer’) is hosting an Andy Warhol exhibiton, featuring a number of drawings and silkscreen prints. And although there’s only a relatively small number of pieces on show they do include a number of great prints I’ve never seen before including a reworking of the famous VW Lemon advert and an incredibly coloured print of Cologne Cathedral.

Beetle by Andy Warhol

Truck by Andy Warhol

The Scream (After Munch) by Andy Warhol

Cologne Cathedral by Andy Warhol

* From the track “Images” from the excellent Andy Warhol referenced album “Songs For Drella” by Lou Reed and John Cale – well worth getting hold of.

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