The Capital Of The Fens


A Peckover dahlia.

I’m not one to dismiss somewhere easily but boy Wisbech doesn’t have many redeeming features does it ? Given that it’s brought us such historical luminaries as William Godwin, Thomas Clarkson, Octavia Hill and the Rev. W Awdrey it seems such a shame that it’s become so devoid of charm.

That said there are at least a couple of reasons not to abandon it to the rising seas just yet namely the lovely Peckover House (well I’ve no idea whether the house is lovely but the walled gardens that surround it are) and Elgoods Brewery – both of which we visited yesterday.

We’ve been to Peckover House many times before (despite the wildly unfriendly National Trust staff) but the visit to Elgoods Brewery Gardens was a first and a pleasant one – improved no end by the maze (the world needs more mazes, and not maize mazes which we have no end of in East Anglia), and the opportunity to consume alcohol in bar attached (which I would suggest is best done after finding your way out of the maze rather the before finding your way in).

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