Micro Machines


Having lived in the wilds of East Anglia for my entire life with relatives living outside of Leeds and a sister who went to university in Bradford I must have travelled past the site of the Bubble Car Museum many many times. So what I cannot understand (and yes, I’ve tried to work it out using an etch-a-sketch ) is why it’s taken me so long to visit.

Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t appear in 1000 Places To See Before You Die (actually I’m not sure whether it does or not because I don’t own a copy of such a stoopid book), however it’s probably because a) it’s not signposted and b) I am not a man noted for his magnificent memory.

So given that the digyourfins household had a night in Leeds planned to celebrate our anniversary (admittedly not Paris but hey) what better way to begin the celebrations than a visit to Britain’s only museum dedicated to the Microcar. And ? Well it’s small, perfectly formed and hey it’s full of tiny cars – and if you’re planning a visit persevere – it’s hidden away but well worth finding.

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