Connecting At London


When we were last in London we wandered through the city from our hotel on the Edgware Road to The British Museum. Because the weather was so pleasant we wandered somewhat aimlessly and as such came across the remains of the old Middlesex Hospital :

“This was a great find. When I’ve been past on previous occasions the Middlesex Hospital was still in it’s entirety, (although in a state of disrepair), now it’s almost all gone except for the front wall which still stands thanks to an intricate network of props.”

Then a couple of days ago I noticed Bowbrick had captured a similar image and gave some further background information :

“And with the NoHo development on hold the facade will probably be standing like this for a while! It’s all very sad because the community, including the little school in Riding House St have all been promised lots of new amenities as part of the redevelopment, some of which may not arrive…”.

Which all sounded very disappointing for all concerned, so it was nice to see (via Russell Davies) that rather wonderfully (if it happens – fingers crossed) the site is being considered as a possible location where local residents could grow fruit and vegetables in large, portable “grow bags” – a more organised (perhaps that’s the wrong word but I can’t think of the right one at the moment) example of this.


Whilst in London I also got to visit Postman’s Park for the first time having planned to for what seemed an age. It was a lovely place to visit especially on a quiet sunny Sunday afternoon, however I would have loved to have got down to London today for the special ‘Celebration of Postman’s Park’ being presented by the Watts Gallery, (via Anne I Like).

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