“I Was Dorothy, She Was The Whirlwind”


I’ve loved Grayson Perry’s work for a while (although I haven’t seen much in the flesh other than a wonderful exhibition called ‘The Charms Of Lincolnshire’ which I saw (perhaps understandably) at The Collection in Lincoln) so when I was stuck at Lakeside last week I bought this to read given that (a) I’d almost bought it on an earlier occasion and (b) that Grayson comes from Chelmsford where we’d been based for a couple of days.

And . . . it’s a great book. Grayson is funny, tender, disarmingly honest and informative :

“For some silly reason Transvestite Day is 4 August whereas it should be something like 27 January. Winter is the trannie season because it’s chilly, you’re wearing a wig and lots of padding, which is hot; it’s also dark so you can sneak out of the house without the neighbours seeing, and you can over up with a coat.”

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