“I’m From Essex, In Case You Couldn’t Tell” *


A few days away from home after another peculiar week (I fear that’s all we’re going to have in 2009 and I’ve yet to decide whether that’s a good or a bad thing). Originally intended as a visit to the RHS garden at Hyde Hall however subsequently combined with a visit to Southend-On-Sea (so as to lower the tone a little).

Hyde Hall was very pleasant – an oasis of calm (albeit a very windy one) just off motorway number 11 and motorway number 25. As ever we were visiting just before the best time to see the various flora at their finest (our timing it seems is not as it perhaps could be – whenever we visit gardens we’re either a little too early or a lot too late), however there was enough for us to see to make the visit worthwhile (more here) – and our visit if nothing else allowed the average age of it’s visitors that day to be reduced by quite a margin.

Cater House, Chelmsford

Leaving Hyde Hall we decided to catch the end of the day in Chelmsford and arrived for a quick (and largely uninspiring) wander round the city, enjoyed a pleasant meal then dawdled back to the hotel by the river watching as canoeists passed us by.

* Actually I’m not, I’m from another even less glamorous county of England, Bedfordshire.

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