Ones And Zeros


As ever with these things I’m not sure why Pixelh8 has passed me by up until now (especially as he’s a local boy done good) however he has and as such that’s a bad thing – that said this is no longer the case which is a good thing and given that I’ve now seen the light I think it’s time you did to. So without further ado let me introduce you to the mighty mighty Pixelh8, here !

And for those slightly baffled by the experience here’s a brief explanation from the man himself “The music itself is composed using some of the oldest and rarest computers in the world such as the WWII code-breaking machine Colossus Mark 2 Rebuild, and the 1960’s Elliott 803 largely used for mathematics and some of the more commonplace machines such as the BBC Micro. With over thirty machines studied and utilised within the music, it is a combination of both sounds from the internal sound chips and the external electro-mechanical sounds. In addition to this, the piece also utilises such items as the early non-electrical mechanical adding machines.”

Reminded me of this fabulous video which I saw at Interesting 08.

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