Ignorance Is Strength ?


I’m not sure whether you’ve seen any of these on your travels. As well as this one there’s also “You Have The Right Not To Remain Silent” and “Anything You Say May Be Taken Down And Used In Evidence”, they apparently have something to do with the Policing Pledge – be assured mind nothing’s really changing.

Well nothing except for the peculiarly invidious nature of the campaign. The first time I saw it it stopped me short, my initial reaction was along the lines of “What the . . .” and now they’ve pervaded throughout various media formats my reaction is no less grumpy.

Bizarrely, I think (and hey I may be wrong here because my mind plainly isn’t working along the same lines as others) they’re intended to be reassuring, however to me they are anything but and come over all Ministry of Truth – surely that ‘s not a good thing ? Is it ?

I’m also wildly annoyed that they’ve stolen wholesale (graphically speaking) from the wonderful Keep Calm & Carry On poster without understanding that it’s the subtleties in the language as much as the clear crisp design that makes the poster so universally loved. 

And then there’s this, which to me comes across as a call to the nation’s photographers to record (in meticulous nature) details of each and every CCTV camera :

[The text states : “Thousands of people take photos every day. What if one of them seems odd ? Terrorists use surveillance to help plan attacks, taking photos and making notes about security measures like the location of CCTV cameras. If you see someone doing that we need to know. Let experienced officers decide what action to take.”]

And as for the British Transport Police posters advising us to report low budget terrorists dumping empty cardboard boxes marked “Bomb – Please Handle With Care” . . .

[Text again for you : “These chemicals won’t be used in a bomb because a neighbour reported the dumped containers to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline.”]

It’s not me is it ?

I suggest we all get a grip and watch The Power Of Nightmares, again and again until we slowly start making sense. That said if it is me there’s now a whole host of hotlines you can report me to.

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