Bowbrick's lo-tech Tweet record of the first #goodradioclub.

A few days ago I noticed this tweet from Bowbrick wander by on tweetdeck :

#radio4 fans! Don’t forget to listen to Analysis http://tinyurl.com/brf87o at 2030 Thurs and tweet along using #tag #goodradioclub 1:25 PM Feb 25th from web

So being a admirer of Radio 4, Twitter and Bowbrick I decided to listen in (and perhaps more importantly) join in.

This is what Bowbrick had to say about it : “24 people joined in and used the #goodradioclub hashtag during last night’s Analysis on Radio 4. A total of 102 tweets were sent – an average of 4.25 per twitterer. Word is that a number of people (how many? no idea) lurked by following the tag at Twitterfall. For a first attempt at ‘social listening’ we’re calling this a success – and it was certainly fun, transforming the solitary experience of listening to Radio 4’s brainiest feature into a busy, collective sort of game. Will we try it again? Certainly. In a couple of weeks Kenan Malik (who joined in last night) presents an Analysis with a very relevant subject – sounds like the perfect candidate for round two. See you there.”

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