“A City Built On A Hill Cannot Be Hid”


A good day yesterday.

Starting with the obligatory Under 10s football – we won 3-1 went top of the league and my nephew scored the opening goal, can’t get much better eh ?

The Stained Glass Museum, Ely 

And then followed by a trip to nearby Ely to visit The Stained Glass Museum (and a plethora of charity shops).

As ever even though I live in touching distance of Ely I wasn’t really aware of the museum until I read about it in Far From The Sodding Crowd – an excellent little book which collects together a selection of “uncommonly British days out”. (Far From follows on from Bollocks To Alton Towers which is worth getting hold of also (currently available for 53p on Amazon) – both are written by the creators and writers of The The Framley Examiner so no further evidence is needed of it’s worth eh ?).

Far From speaks well of the museum “when so many art galleries drably chase the latest fads, the Stained Glass Museum at Ely shines out like a timeless beacon” and they’re right to do so. It’s a small yet perfectly formed museum tucked away in the south triforium of Ely Cathedral and accessed via a stone circular staircase. The glass is presented in some cleverly constructed display casings so as to allow the light to shine through the kaleidoscope of colours and perhaps more unusually for stained glass to allow proximity not normally available due to the traditional location of such pieces.

Almost all the glass on show was worthy of photographing and commenting on but doing that would kind of defeat the object of encouraging you to go, however if you’re interested (and to be fair you’re probably not) the three pieces below were my favourites, namely : Reynard The Fox (which remarkably is from the 15th Century), Queen Victoria (who looks (perhaps appropriately) frighteningly stern) and the Elders Of The Apocalypse.

The Stained Glass Museum, Ely - Reynard The Fox (Unknown 15thC Artist)

The Stained Glass Museum, Ely - Queen Victoria (Hugh Arnold)

The Stained Glass Museum, Ely - Elders Of Apocalypse (William Butterfield)

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