“The Excitement Of Paper”


In an otherwise unspectacular week the arrival of a thirty two page newspaper entitled ‘Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet 2008’ was an unlikely highlight.

In essence it’s as the title suggests, a collection of things our (in this case Mr Ben Terret and Mr Russell Davies) have written on the internet via a variety of blogs and websites. According to the cover the paper features the work of twenty three friends including  Ann Ward’s lovely piece on the Bakelite Museum, Wilton from Nothing To See Here, Tom Taylor’s talk / presentation on Delighting With Data that he gave at the Oxford Geek Night and this wonderful centrespread taken from Matt Jones / Black Belt Jones / Moleitau’s flickr photostream.

It seems that ‘Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet 2008’ is a single manifestation of a whole host of thought and conversation going on about what Ben and Russell says is “a year for printing and making real stuff in the real world” – see all the bits and pieces around Bookcamp and Papercamp. The good news is that if ‘Things . . .’ is just an example of real stuff in the real world then we’re in for a good year.

Making sense ? Well whether it is or not I suggest you wander over to Russell’s blog and read ‘meet the new schtick’ and ‘meet the new schtick 2’. (And see Ben’s piece on ‘the making of . . .’).

“So you add all these things together and you realise that there are all sorts of interesting possibilities around the corner. For community media projects, personal media projects, for the creativity that’s running rampant online to emerge in physical forms in lots of places. Blah blah blah. You know what I mean.”

Update  : I should be writing something for my next CIH assignment however I have in fact been reading this excellent post by Jeremy Keith on yesterday’s papercamp.

Update II : And another wonderfully thorough post from mondoagogo.

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