Where’s The Captain ?


The 14th June 2003 was a hot sunny summer’s day which I spent most of in the fine city of Norwich.

I’d also been there the evening before for the opening of Norwich’s first Pop Underground Convention, NPUC. This first event of NPUC included musical entertainment from We Can Build You, Slowloris (neither of whom I can recall – sorry !), Mountain Men Anonymous (who made a wonderful and entirely unholy racket) and Magoo (who played a first class set aided by a certain Mr Stephen Gilchrist).

The next day a couple of events were planned and I decided to go and see Evader at Kafe Da, Evader were as enjoyable as I had hoped and because I was in good spirits I decided to hang about to watch Mr Stephen Gilchrist’s new band, stuffy / the fuses.

And they were amazing.

In fact they were so good ‘we’ ended up putting out their ‘first’ single Evel Kneivel which we were sure would make them rich and famous and as such make us richer and at least allow us to have some famous friends. Unfortunately none of us got any richer on it and whilst Stuffy does indeed now rub shoulders with the stars it would be churlish to suggest that this is because of anything other than his talent.

Anyway the reason I’m blathering on about events five years hence is that I today read with sadness that after “5 years, 4 Keyboard Players, 3 Tour Related Injuries, 2 Transit Vans and 1 Decent Album” Britain’s finest singer / drummist fronted band are shutting up shop.

So if you’re in London on the 23rd January go see the the last stuffy / the fuses show on earth at The Windmill in Brixton, London and if you’re not (and upsettingly that includes me) avail yourselves of their superfine back catalogue and wonder why you hadn’t done so earlier.

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