Two Thousand & Eight – In Music


Flickr has helped me recollect what I’ve been up to during the year and has helped me recollect what I’ve been listening to, so here (in no particular order) is what I enjoyed the most.

Late Of The Pier “Fantasy Black” : A puzzling but wildly entertaining album from group of frighteningly young and frighteningly talented gents from Nottingham. It came to me a little later than most, however I got there in the end. As well as being one of my records of the year it also features my track of the year, the pleasantly entitled Focker, (the instrumental, which I think appeared on a b side somewhere, should be played every morning as an alarm call to the nation).

Neon Neon “Stainless Style” : A combination of the Super Furry’s Gruff Rhys and Los Angeles producer Boom Bip collaborating on an album paying tribute to the life of John DeLorean was always going to be a great record – and it is.

Utah Saints “Something Good ‘08” : Who’d of thought it eh ? Utah Saints.

Max Tundra “Parallax Error Beheads You” : Max was entirely new to me until I went to see Hot Chip earlier in the year in Cambridge. His support set divided the audience almost immediately it began – however I loved him / it and I love this album, (which features one of my favourite tracks of the year Orphaned). It contains masses of ideas (more in most tracks than most manage in an entire album, some careers) which sometimes work, sometimes don’t and nearly always baffle – although as Jimmy McGovern is quoted as stating earlier this year “I would rather be confused for ten minutes than bored for five seconds.” – Max often confuses, he never bores.

Hot Chip “Made In The Dark” : Got less than ecstatic reviews when it came out (which I tend to think is a good sign) however I loved it almost immediately. Less immediate than The Warning, other than the two early singles Shake A Fist and Ready For The Floor, it’s a wonderfully crafted record with clear indications that those involved will continue to make great records for a good while to come.

Alexis Taylor “Rubbed Out” : And they can make great records on their own too.

The Streets “Everything Is Borrowed” : Again another album with less than ecstatic reviews however another that got played and played in the world of Daniel Weir once I got hold of it.

Crystal Castles “Crystal Castles” : At times I’ve almost been put off them due to their deification by a certain music paper (how old am I eh ? music paper if you will), after all anyone who makes it to the top of the NME’s Cool List must be by the very assertion super un-cool – whatever it’s a great album regardless.

Fonda 500 “Je M’appelle Stereo” : Fonda 500 are one of those bands who you listen to and wonder why they’re not huge. I think that if most sane right minded individuals listened to, if nothing else, the the opening track, Music Should Always Be Played By The Hands Of The Animals, they would be sold on the idea wholly and immeadiately.

Flight Of The Conchords “Flight Of The Conchords” : Music and comedy rarely go together at all well – the main exception being the mighty Half Man Half Biscuit, however you can now add Flight Of The Conchords to that exception. The second HBO series starts next month so now seems the perfect time to join Murrays’s Street Team and spread the word.

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