Collected Ephemera #08



– I’m not a huge gamer but the London Games Festival does look like an interesting place to be, if for nothing else the DS World Record attempt.

–  Nice to see a small piece in the Guardian about the School Of Life’s M1 ‘Trip Up The M1’. I hope they keep up with these because all three of the ‘holidays’ they’ve offered so far have been a deal more interesting than most – the trip to the Isle of Wight with Martin Parr being a particular highlight.

– When Arindam Rej’s article on the success of Hull City went to print the story was actually a case of ‘London 0 – Hull 3’ so it was a risky use of The Houesmartin’s “London 0 – Hull 4′  album, albeit a fairly reasonable risk to take – so he must have been rather pleasinged about Hull’s 1-0 win over West Ham which completed the square.

– I haven’t visited Hastings for many many years however the fact that Tony Kelly in The Times tags it as ‘Hastings: home of crazy golf’ means it’s back on the (increasingly sizey) list of places to visit from here on in.

Westminster Council it seems are no longer enjoying the work of a certain Robin Banks. However as a writer responds in The Times “The world is a happier, smarter and more sane place for Banksy’s presence, the same cannot be said for CCTVs or Westminster council”. 

– I know very little about Emroy Douglas but what little I’ve seen in recent weeks ahead of his show ‘Black Panther: Emory Douglas and the Art of Revolution’ has been very good indeed.

– And finally it’s good to see the family name cleared at last.

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