Prayer, Quiet & Reflection


A day in Peterborough, which meant a detailed search of ways to avoid stepping back into the mid 1980s surroundings of the Queensgate Shopping Centre.

The search didn’t gain many results other than the Cathedral, the Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery and Railworld and as I wasn’t in the mood for the Cathedral, have been to the Museum before Railworld it was.

The website doesn’t give much away other than to confirm that, “In the heart of Peterborough, Railworld is a fun and informative visitor attraction for the whole family.”, so after waiting for them to open I took my ticket and information sheets and wandered in. To be honest I wasn’t expecting a great deal from Railworld (other than the aforementioned “fun and information”) and that was probably a good thing because to be fair it’s probably never going to win awards. Essentially it’s a ramshackle collection of railway related bits and pieces but that’s never going to work in the sales pitch is it ? However that aside it was preferable to trailing around the central business district of the city but not to as great an extent as I had hoped.


Highlight of the visit (other than my time spent in the PQR Room) was the ‘wildlife haven’ accessed across the river by a mildly alarming footbridge. The wildlife was somewhat absent but over in the slightly less formal part of the haven (ie the big patch of wasteland next to it) I found a slice of railway track that I decided to take home as a memento of my time in Railworld, (I’ll introduce you some day).

Then as soon as I’d wandered back into town I stumbled upon a celebration of the 300th anniversary of the consecration of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji – which I have to admit was not something I was expecting.

2 Responses to “Prayer, Quiet & Reflection”

  1. that bottom picture is fantastic. by bottom i mean ‘lowest’

  2. 2 danielweiresq

    Thank you kindly, quite a compliment coming from the mighty Mr Funkypancake.

    DW x

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