Great Great Yarmouth


A week away from work and of course a long awaited trip to Great Yarmouth – which at least one of us was looking forward too. Admittedly it might not be a destination that features in those ridiculous “637 Places You Must Go To Before You Die” lists but that’s more to do with the shortsighted nature of those compiling said lists rather than any shortcomings with Great Yarmouth.

We arrived in the throes of the arriving autumn (which was fine by me) to find a crown on a stick (answers on a postcard).

Crown On A Stick

Then followed a trip to “World’s Largest Rock Shop”. Where purchases were made shortly before said purchases were shattered into a thousand pieces in the street outside. Oops.

The World's Largest Rock Shop

And then the “House Of Wax” which sternly advises us that “These waxworks are best enjoyed as snapshots in time”.

On a cold, wet October day the “House Of Wax” was a little alarming. More so because (a) I was seemingly the only one there (b) the basement dedicated to murderers and torturers is actually genuinely quite unpleasant and (c) a smoke alarm kept going off leaving me do wonder whether I’d hear “I’m melting! melting!” being cried out in the distance.

House Of Wax

Kylie Minogue & Jason Donavon

That said we enjoyed our trip – some more than others – which also included a tour of the model village (is there anything greater than a model village), a game of air hockey, two piers and more charity shops than quite frankly was healthy.

2 Responses to “Great Great Yarmouth”

  1. I have the fortune to live in Great Yarmouth as I have done for all 17 years of my life. I actually quite like the town (unlike most of the residents). There are awful bits which are mostly touristy such as the arcades, Regent Road and some bits of the town centre. Otherwise there are gems like Greyfriar Cloisters (hidden away down an alleyway) and those you found like the Wax Museum (fantastically awful), Model Village and the Rock Factory.

    It has so much kitch seaside town combined with some really great and interesting history. The shopping side is getting better with the Debenhams (where I work), Starbucks and Monsoon opening soon.

    The crown is ontop of the wonderful government offices near the Tolhouse (another gem of a museum) and the General Library.

    [365-86] Flinty

  2. 2 danielweiresq

    Hello Adam and thanks for dropping by . . .

    Anne I Like wrote in the last few days about places and the feeling one has for said places :

    “Some places set my spider senses tingling for no apparent reason, others have all the right ingredients but the whole doesn’t equal the sum of the parts.”

    “I’ve been in shabby towns that warmed the very cockles of my heart, and beautiful places that left me cold.” More here :

    Great Yarmouth definitely ticked the former box for me. I’d liked it, and I love the “Great” ! Unfortunately I missed the Tolhouse (although will now make a note to take a look next time I’m in town) but did see plenty of great stuff.

    And thanks for clarifying the crown question, it’s an odd building although I quite like the shape of the windows (unlike yourself !), for government offices it’s positively handsome.

    Anyways take care and keep up the good work with “A Mug Of Tea”, which I’ll add to my small and perfectly formed blogroll.

    DW x

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