Getting Wet In Bath


From White Horse Hill, Uffington

A few days away starting with a visit to White Horse Hill at Uffington. I’ve been before but forgot how acutely angled the horse is – we actually got a better view later that day thanks to the wonders of television and the work of Andrew Marr.

 Silbury Hill (At Low Speed) [0808]

We then drove over to Avebury, as the weather deteriorated, passing the largely ignored Silbury Hill.

Arriving at Avebury we found bees but no sign of Julian Cope.

And then Stonehenge. Home of the Stonehenge Kiosk (which thankfully was closed) and unfortunately a whole host of other commercial detritus. Given the antiquity of the site it’s unforgivable and it diminishes the monument to such a point that it appears somewhat sheepish about it’s place in the modern world.

And finally via the town of Andover (which I hope I never have the misfortune to visit again – sorry Andovians but exotically coiffured roundabouts do not a town make) we arrived at our home for the night in reassuring proximity of Fat Charlie.

Then to Bath for a couple of days.

Where pig hunting was the order of the day. We managed sixty four.

And then slowly home via the tourist magnet that is Bourton on the Water, which seems to sell itself as the “Venice Of The Cotswolds” (which is odd – the only real comparison I could find was that they are both places blighted by tourists – and yes I know that I’m being wildly hypocritical).

Thankfully it’s also the home of the wonderful Cotswold Motoring Museum, in essence three sheds rammed with motoring paraphernalia. Signage heaven.

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