“A Very Big House In The Country”


To Narborough Hall (it’s behind there somewhere) to see the John Piper exhibition that’s occurring there during August. It was Bridget Riley last year (or was it the year before) whose work I know a deal about so it was good to see an exhibition by someone who I wasn’t overly aware of.

As I’ve said I didn’t know a great deal about John Piper before I went along other than that he was known for his East Anglian influenced work (including the picture of the church at Pudding Norton below) and was involved with John Betjeman on the legendary Shell Guides.

I never really know what I think of an exhibition on a first look so you’ll have to wait until I go again to hear my critical thoughts (and quite frankly you can live without them can’t you ?).

As I’ve said before a more pleasing venue to view to art is probably hard to find round our way – so go along and have a look for yourself – that’s the best way eh ?

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