Works 374 – 850


Whilst I was hidden away in the cultural wilderness that was the Birmingham Metropole I came across a leaflet for the Ikon Gallery advertising a Martin Creed exhibition with this wonderful picture of a piece that goes by the equally wonderful name of “Different kind of cactuses, sorted by height” (Work No 587).

Which reminded me of his installation at Tate Britain, called Work No 850, which you can get a taste of at his website. Interestingly whilst looking through some of his work I was reminded of the following, taken at a local exhibition, which seems to have been heavily influenced by Work No 374.

Unfortunately I probably won’t be going to the Ikon Gallery or the New Art Gallery in Walsall which was also advertising itself in the hotel concourse. In their case an exhibition by John Davies who’s wonderful wonderful photographs are very probably worth the trip from deepest darkest East Anglia. Failing that I’ll give in and buy his book “The British Landscape”.

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