Collected Ephemera #07



– Lovely piece in the Times by Jeremy Austin about the arrival of Lucha Libre in the UK. If you don’t know Lucha Libre is a term used in Mexico (and other Spanish speaking areas) in respect of a certain type of wrestling, known perhaps most notably for the amazing masks.

– A little late however a great piece from the Observer Music magazine by Gary Mulholland at Eurovision in the company of the mighty Sébastien Tellier.

– On the back of the piece about Ernie finding a home in the Science Museum previously there’s been two excellent pieces about the early days of computing. The first is the obituary of David Caminer a pioneer of business computing who was heavily involved in the LEO computer which rather wonderfully was a computer designed for Joseph Lyons & Co. for the numerical processing of “tens of thousands of cakes and cups of tea every day”. Secondly comes this about “The Baby” once the cutting edge of technology, whereas now the piece states “an iPod can hold more than 640 million times more information”.

Mark Hooper in The Guardian explains why a new series of Monkey Tennis is not so far from our screens as we perhaps think.

– Being a boy from the deepest darkest East Anglia parking meters have not featured largely in my life other than through the medium of Television however I’m still happy to celebrate their 50th year.

– And finally I don’t have many regrets in life however not visiting the Sooty Museum in Shipley is something I deeply deeply regret.

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