Interesting 08


Well I missed Interesting 07 so I wasn’t going to miss this. There’s already 298 photographs tagged with "interesting08" on flickr and no doubt a number of written pieces around and about. Russell Davies has of course come up with the best record of the day with this.


Anyway here’s my notes, I can’t do everyone justice in one post so I’ll try and do five at a time . . . so here goes with #01 – #05 (after signing in of course).

Intro : Which comprised of a mass karaoke singalong to "The Final Countdown" by Europe which wasn’t exactly how I thought the day would begin but that I suppose that was kind of the point.

#01 Roo Reynolds : First on and the day started with Roo talking about the joy of Lego. He told us that if all the Lego in the world was divided amongst all the people in the world everyone would have 62 pieces of Lego, (which must mean I have some Lego meant for someone else). He also passed on the very good advice to throw away all instructions supplied with Lego (good advice in life generally I find) and pointed us in the direction Lego Vignettes a flickr pool that he runs which can be found here. UPDATE – Roo’s presentation can now to be found here and works just as well the second time around.

#02 Gemma Teed : Gemma had one of the best presentation titles namely "Lions, Tigers & Bears – Why horses are scared by crisp packets". I wondered whether this might be some terribly obscure reference to something else but no it actually was a talk on why horses are scared of crisp packets and it seems lawn mowers and umbrellas.

 #03 Collyn Chipperfield : Collyn didn’t really seem to have much of a plan for her presentation. She started talking about a project she’d been involved with  about make believe games. that children play. This then shifted into talking about how art / fashion / architecture should move from reality, stop looking back and re referencing against what’s go on before. "Nostalgia is dead." was one of her statements (which I don’t wholly agree with) however her assertion that we shouldn’t be stifled by the real was an interesting one. Quite odd (in a good way) and extremely thought provoking.

#04 Steve Hardy : Talked about Creative Generalists (which as a specific term perhaps meant more to others than me), though given that he’d flown in from Montreal to Europe and London for the first time it seemed churlish not to listen carefully. He broke down what Creative Generalist’s do into five areas (a) Wander & wonder (which I think summed up the point of the day) (b) Synthsize & Summarize (c) Link & Leap (d) Mix & Match and (e) Experience & Empathize. Creative generalism was what the day was all about so Steve’s presentation was well placed.

#05 Daniel Raven Ellison : Daniel was probably one of the most confident and passionate speakers on the day and as such he could have rambled on about almost anything and been engaging, however this wasn’t the case as his presentation was as engaging as he was. Daniel’s time was spent talking about Geography and with a strange prescience, given Collyn’s talk earlier, specifically about Geography and the future and about changing and challenging the agreed facts, not looking back looking forward. This then moved through into thoughts on ‘Guerilla Geography’ and his obvious desire to inspire, which is what he is trying to do with He’s also working on a somewhat grander project at where he’s intending to walk all the way across London, Mumbai and Mexico City in order to get a "a rare insight into our increasingly urban lives".

#06 -#29 coming soon . . .

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