Galloping Cockerells



A quick lunchtime visit to the Lynn Museum in King’s Lynn (with a self confessed clog dancer as it goes) – principally to see “The Home of Seahenge” (which is what the museum has been re-badged as – I think inadvisably). The Seahenge aspect is obviously the lead exhibit at the museum and to be honest it’s a little disappointing – I know is somewhat churlish given that it’s an ancient wooden structure that has survived for over 4,000 years, it’s just that out of it’s context it looks like what it is – a few pieces of extremely old wood. Amazingly weathered and textured extremely old wood, but extremely old wood nevertheless. That said it’s cost £1.2 million to develop the museum for it’s arrival so it must be me that’s wrong. All that aside it’s a great little museum housed in a former Union Baptist Chapel which is a beautiful building and as such would be just as worth visiting were it empty – unsurprisingly though it’s not empty and in fact has a whole host of wonderful bits and pieces of relevance to the area. Highlights include Horace (does every municipal museum have a stuffed tiger ?) who isn’t very relevant to the area and the collection of paraphernalia relating to Frederick Savage – a man responsible for many great mechanical works including the remarkably named “Galloping Cockerells”.

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