Collected Ephemera #06


Interview with the not often interviewed Bridget Riley, whose work I’m an enormous fan of. The ceo and I (and others) went to see this Riley exhibition in the beautiful surroundings of Narborough Hall last year on a fiercely hot day. If you get the chance and you’re in the area make sure you visit this only occasional gallery because it’s a most handsome place to look at art.

A lovely tourism piece by John Godber in the Independent about why we should visit “Hull and beyond”. Particularly enjoyed his reminiscing on when he came to Hull to be interviewed for the job of artistic director of the Hull Truck Theatre Company in 1983, “When I went for the interview, Danny Boyle – who later made films such as Trainspotting and Shallow Grave – was the person in front of me. I reckon he pulled the short straw because he went on to Hollywood and I was the lucky one coming to Hull . . . “.

Excellent article by Dan Roam in the Guardian about problem solving using pictures, which touches on the very widely held belief in most of us that we can’t draw when in fact we can,  “Think about this: walk into a class of primary school children and – with the teacher’s permission, of course – ask the six-year-olds how many can draw. Every hand will go up. Now ask how many can read : perhaps two little hands will go up. Now walk into a secondary school and ask the 16-year-olds the same two questions. How many can draw? Maybe three hands. How many can read? Every hand.”

Dan’s website is full of interesting stuff unfortunately most of which I’ll probably forget – much to my detriment.

– On the back of a piece about the Flatiron building being sold, another piece in The Times this time about the sale of the Chrysler Building to the Abu Dhabi Investment Council, which they bought (albeit only a 75% stake) for $800 million.

– I’ve read about Philippe Petit and his high-wire walk between the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in 1974 with equal measures of disbelief and fascination, so I’m pleased that Jason Solomons in The Observer calls the new film about it “Man On Wire” the “film of the summer” and the “best  British documentary since Touching the Void”. One to watch I’m sure although quite where in Norfolk I’ll get the chance to watch I’m less certain of.

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