Collected Ephemera #04


Whilst writing up my notes on Interesting08 I’m also trying to catch up on a whole host of interesting bits and pieces from elsewhere. . .

– A belated happy birthday to the Biro with a nice piece from The Observer featuring some great statistics telling us that for instance it takes up to 60 hours to make a Biro and that since 1950 Bic alone has sold more that 100 billion ballpoint pens. 

– Thought this was interesting. I don’t agree with some of what Tracey Emin says but I can see where she’s coming from when she says "For me personally I find a lot of public sculptures very big and very macho and dominating and intrusive." (not that there’s not a place for very big, very macho public sculpture too).

This piece in The Independent reminded me of my trip to New York a few years ago. I had a whole list of preconceptions about the city before I arrived however the Flatiron building wasn’t something on that list, obviously I was aware of it but I had really considered that I’d being seeing it – I’m glad though that I did as it’s a wonderful building.

The world’s first motionstamp, which is just amazing, was featured hidden away deep inside The Times.

Nice article in the Independent about "Loony Radio" a radio station under threat which broadcasts from Jose Borda – a psychiatric hospital in Buenos Aries (the name by the way is their choice not the Independent’s or mine). It reminded me of "Taking Over the Asylum" an excellent (and seemingly never repeated) drama starring Ken Stott and David Tennant.

A piece that I’ve been hanging onto for a while from The Independent about an ice based artwork from Allan Kaprow . . . it’s probably gone now.

– Excellent article from Steve Bowbrick in Word magazine about the curse of social networking sites and their ability to dice "our time into less-and-less useful chunks". He makes a whole host of well reasoned points and having only dipped my toe into the wonderful world of Web 2.0 I’ve already come across many of the issues he raises, here’s looking forward to Web 3.0.

Tribute piece in the Independent about Paul Arden. I wasn’t aware of his career in full until after he died but I had bought two of his books, both of which are hugely enjoyable, (and not just with me it seems). Unfortunately we need more people who avoid the dull, the ordinary and the safe not less.

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