Collected Ephemera #03


I’m catching up on a whole host of bits and pieces . . .


– Stupidly bad organisation led me to miss Persepolis when it was at the local cinema and having now got around to reading this piece from the Guardian I’m even more annoyed.

– Jon Ronson’s ‘work’ (is that harsh ? It’s not meant to be . . .) with Robbie Williams seemed to pass by somewhat unnoticed which was perhaps a little peculiar considering the content and those involved.  The radio programme has disappeared from Radio 4, although can be found at the fabulous Speechification. And his article in The Guardian can still be read here. Both are worth investigating. (I also got around to reading his Norway adventure today which you can read here . . . it’s always nice to find other people out there with as much paranoia / unfounded fear as me.)

– A fascinating (and quite frankly alarming) article from Jeremy Suri in Wired magazine – about Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger’s secret plan to bring peace to Vietnam. It seems that Nixon’s plan to bring the Vietnamese to the negotiating table was all based on acting like a unstable madman bent on launching a nuclear attack. The irony is that anyone willing to act as an unstable madman bent on launching a nuclear attack is / was probably an unstable madman bent on launching a nuclear attack. Hmmm.

And another typically great article from Wired about "Why $0.00 Is The Future of Business".

Great article from The Independent about Blek le Rat the French "Godfather" of "politically-conscious graffiti". Not sure about his work, from the very little I’ve seen it seems less stylised and as a result slightly less effective than Banksy – but at the same time is obviously a huge influence on him.

– When we were in Ripon earlier in the year I managed to lure the ceo away from the central business district to visit the famous baths. Only to find them closed. Disappointingly it looks like the closure may very well be a longer term one.

– "The Design Issue" of the Independent’s Saturday magazine (which was published a while ago) came with some beautiful cover art by Robert Ryan. Since learning of Robert’s work I have visited his shop at etsy a number of times and wondered whether bankruptcy caused by the purchase of fine works of art is somehow more noble.

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