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Piece about Robin Hood Gardens in the paper today with its future hanging in the balance. I hadn’t realised but the architect’s behind this “concrete monstrosity — sorry, I mean modernist masterpiece” (the two choices given by the disappointingly short sighted UK culture minister, Margaret Hodge) are none other that Alison and Peter Smithson, the architects behind the high school I went to – Smithdon High School.

I have to admit that when I attended the school I probably agreed with Margaret Hodge’s assertion that it was more monstrosity than masterpiece but I was wrong and it’s a delight to see whenever we travel round the coast. I hope you think the same . . .

Visit Smithdon High School at the Open University.
Visit Alison & Peter Smithson at the Open University.
Visit Robin Hood Gardens Flickr set.
Visit Robin Hood Gardens article at

In addition to the above piece there was a nicely sentimental article by Ken Russell about the newly re-opened Tyneside Cinema which looks lovely. I think I’ve been to this on one of my many travels to Newcastle but not having been for a while I can’t recall. Whether I’ve been or not I know that when I’m next up that way I’ll make a big effort to visit because they look to have done a great job. And most importantly for me stories like this always reassure me that our local cinematic gem, the Majestic Cinema in King’s Lynn, can continue to survive . . .

I can’t find my pictures of the building but here’s a film poster mash up I found hidden away on the back stairs of the Majestic when the opened the building as part of the Heritage Open Days last year.

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