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I’ve not come across any examples of Penguin’s Illustrated Classics before now so I was pleased to pick up a copy of Walden by Henry David Thoreau. It’s beautifully illustrated with wood engravings by Ethelbert White which were, rather sadly, the last engravings he ever did. Despite their obvious appeal the Illustrated Classics series was not a success for […]

Having bought the excellent ‘Penguin by Design : A Cover Story 1935 – 2005′ by Phil Baines some time ago I thought that it was about time that I added his equally good sister publication ‘Puffin By Design : 70 Years of Imagination 1940 – 2010′ to the collection. As with his Penguin book it’s […]

  Another batch of Penguin books has been purchased over the last few weeks, again featuring some great advertisements showing a very distinct vintage. First up is a lovely one from the people at Horlicks in which the picture below sits above the following text (which I’ve reproduced because the page in question is showing […]

    On our recent travels around the fine county of Norfolk, (see below), I managed to locate a new batch of Penguins, Pelicans and Ladybirds. Of particular interest was the Wisdom advert below which I found at the back of Scowle And Other Papers by Bernard Hollowood, which comes with it’s own Lancashire to […]

98 / 100


“Ninety-eight buildings out of every hundred built in this country are built with Brick. Some have a concrete skin or other thin facing, but the vast majority rely for their appearance solely upon the decorative effect of their brickwork. For brickwork needs no protection against the elements. In fact, its ability to resist the penetration […]

Following on from the post the other day and the information from @SarkyType I happened to pick up a copy of wonderful Penguin Car Handbook, deigned by Erwin Fabian.

Look And Learn


One of the many purchases I made at Barter Books whilst in the North East the week before last was this, The Things We See – No 5 – Public Transport published by Penguin Books. As you’ll know, if you’ve been paying attention, I’m an occasional collector of Penguins, Pelicans and Puffins however this excellent, (albeit […]

  I’m sure none of us consider the transportation of the injured quite as much as we should do, particularly the transportation of the properly dressed injured. So here we have ‘the four-handed seat’, ‘the pick-a-back’, ‘the human crutch’ and ‘the two-handed seat’ from The Penguin Handbook of First Aid. Disappointingly no illustrations are forthcoming on […]

Lost & Found


I was off work last week so got the chance to spend my time sifting through other people’s detritus aka charity shop shopping. Unfortunately I didn’t succeed in providing a new home to much, however hidden amongst the pages of a Penguin published edition of The Invisible Man from 1946 was this photograph. I love […]

A very fine selection of post through the door at Weir HQ this week, the highlight of which was the first fruits of my membership to the Penguin Collector’s Society. Included was the suitably handsome Society ‘magazine’, their Annual Report (which in the cover alone is more lovely than most) and in addition two gorgeous […]


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