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I’ve written about the mighty Magoo here at digyourfins many times before, although as an aside have never mentioned that the title of this very blog comes from an early unrecorded demo penned by Norfolk’s favourite sonic scientists, (at least I’m pretty sure it does – my memory serves me less and less well as […]

I’ve never been a particularly fervent fan of Thunderbirds or the work of Gerry Anderson, that’s probably sacrilegious sorry – I mean I can understand the appeal but that’s as far as it goes. However I am an enormous fan of all things lenticular, so when I saw that the latest set of stamps from […]

The Delian Mode


I managed to miss blogging on Ada Lovelace day for a variety of reasons, however I did have the best intentions and had planned (at least in my head) to write about Delia Derbyshire – a name I hope means something to you, if not it shortly will. Delia Derbyshire was born in England in […]

Earlier today I was alerted by the fine people of Twitter to the fact that today is the 75th anniversary of the BBC’s famous Maida Vale Studios, a place very dear to my heart. Those of you who know me will know that I’ve been ‘involved’ with the band Magoo for more years than I […]

Well yesterday was the fifth anniversary of the death of John Peel. If you’ve visited here before you may have caught my ramble about John in respect of my work with the wonderful Magoo and in particular my efforts to get their second single played on the radio : “I tried to instigate this radio-play […]

An evening of good company and fine musical entertainment. The company was provided by a man who writes about golf for the Financial Times (amongst many other things) and the musical entertainment by the Cruiser Chimps – who were very loud and very good, (although to be honest I only saw them soundcheck), The Middle […]

You can blame Rhodri for this. He’s been wandering down memory lane and I’ve decided to join him for a while, (different lane mind but you get my drift). Many years ago I “worked” for a band, a band called, (in fact still called), Magoo – I say “worked” because I had no idea what I […]

The 14th June 2003 was a hot sunny summer’s day which I spent most of in the fine city of Norwich. I’d also been there the evening before for the opening of Norwich’s first Pop Underground Convention, NPUC. This first event of NPUC included musical entertainment from We Can Build You, Slowloris (neither of whom […]


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