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Out here in the sticks we don’t get exposed to quite the same level of cultural activity as those of you in the wild and frightening conurbations I read so much about in the papers. In fact thanks to the decisions of the great and good the low level we are exposed to was almost extinguished entirely last year […]

Well they’ve done it, the evil empire has reduced my favourite local building to just so much rubble. I suppose it was only a matter of time before it happened. When I wrote about the joys of my home town back at the start of 2010 its future was looking bleak – and unfortunately that […]

You Are Here


I live a fairly ordinary life, albeit an extraordinarily enjoyable and lucky one. And as a result of this I am somewhat prone to daydream, to imagine other almost parallel worlds layered atop the one I clock in and out of.  I don’t necessarily mean parallel worlds constructed by an overly florid imagination but those […]

I worked at my last place of employment for far too long. Far far too long. During my time there when those who did move onto pastures new reached their day of departure they often received a somewhat disappointing print of the square where the office was located. It always seemed a sad memento of […]

No Great Shakes


When I woke up this morning I had hoped that by the end of the day I would be a co-holder of a World Record, unfortunately due to the apathy of the people of King’s Lynn and perhaps the less than clement weather I’m going to have to wait a while longer before appearing in […]



I can’t think why but when recently listing some of the aspects of King’s Lynn that delight me I completely forgot about the King’s Lynn Arts Centre. I’ve been a regular visitor for many years now so it’s omission was unforgivable, especially in a town with such few cultural highlights. A hugely important place with […]

The reason that this post is here is all explained elsewhere. I was going to start this by blathering on about how much I love the city of Norwich as a preamble to my list of King’s Lynn’s delights – this was in some small part because of the assertion on it’s signage that it’s […]

I’m always a little disappointed when my local town, King’s Lynn, is denigrated in some way – I wasn’t born there and strictly speaking I don’t live there but it’s home to me and as such I wish more people would write letters to the local paper about how delightful it is (the above rather […]

A sad day for King’s Lynn. As over one hundred and thirty years after King’s Lynn Football Club was formed the club was today been wound up in the High Court as a result of mounting debts including £70,000 owed to HMRC. Admittedly I wasn’t a regular visitor so perhaps I’m as much to blame […]

My hometown of King’s Lynn is to be honest a somewhat unassuming place. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, it’s just that it is. When drawn into conversation about where I’m from my answer is usually received with either a blank look or a vague recollection of a notoriously confusing roundabout system on the […]


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