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I’m a lucky boy there’s no doubt of that. Another week away with Mrs Weir, this time in the North of Wales, staying on the fringes of “the finest seaside resort in Western Europe” – according to an unattributed quote supplied by the local council. And although I can’t say I’ve been to every one […]

I never ever tire of being beside the seaside.

Saving Grace


A morning spent playing beach hut bingo.

Island Life


The second overseas trip this year. The first was an afternoon spent on Inner Farne in May which I’m reliably informed sits at 1 to 4 miles off the mainland, so given the success of the first excursion we decided to extend our range a little and spent a whole week on the Isle of Wight, […]

On our last trip to the North we made the obligatory visit to the superfine Barter Books where amongst other book based booty I picked up a ‘publication’, (that’s what the introduction calls it anyway), called ‘Remember Filey Butlins’. The book, (publication sounds somewhat impersonal), is a lovely archive of interviews and pictures from former staff, […]

Norfolk again. Last December whilst hiding from the cold in Derbyshire I spent some time reading Peter Ashley’s hugely enjoyable ‘Cross Country (English Buildings and Landscape From Countryside to Coast)’ and promised myself that I’d make the effort to explore the county that I live in more fully. A few days away from home doing just that makes me wonder, once […]

A trip to the coast, where “the sea enriches and the pine adorns“.

Oh! I Do Like


“I’ve often wondered if there is really such a need to travel hours at huge cost and stress when you can travel a few miles to your nearest seaside town. When you’re having a break, it doesn’t matter how close or far away you are from your everyday life. The important part is the unwinding. […]

    Sunshine was forecast for later in the day so a return to the seaside was in order. Arriving in Prestatyn via Britain’s newest and smallest city, St Asapha, Mrs Weir confessed to having temporarlily resided in said town with a previous paramour unbeknownst to me, the residence rather than the paramour. She was unable to […]

So further North still today, albeit not much further. To the finest bookshop in Britain, (other bookshops are of course available), namely Barter Books in Alnwick. If you’ve not been then you should start making plans this instant because it’s a wonderful place – located in Alnwick’s old railway station, (thanks to Dr Beeching), it’s just […]


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