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I never ever tire of being beside the seaside.

A first birthday is always something worth celebrating. In Septemer 2010 I wrote about the possible demise of our local Arts Centre : “The council have all but closed the Guildhall of St George, (other than for external hire – and despite, rather perversely, continuing with repairs to the roof costing around £200,000), so a decision to do […]

I’ve no idea whether this is a good idea or not – or even whether it’s an idea I can actually follow through to completion, so this is me dipping my toe in the water to see what others think. I’m particularly interested in your views if you live in the confines of East Anglia […]

Back in December of last year we were hunkered down in a cottage in Hope, Derbyshire. Whilst there I managed a deal of reading, including Peter Ashley’s ‘Cross Country (English Buildings and Landscape From Countryside to Coast)‘ which reminded me that the county that I’ve lived in for almost all of my adult life is one well worth exploring. So […]

Having only been out of the county for a few hours I suppose it’s a little perverse that the first piece of reading I do on our travels into the deepest darkest recess of the Peak District is about Norfolk. To be fair the piece of writing in question is particularly good and has only […]

    Quite why it’s taken me so long to tell you about the Wolferton Scarecrow Weekend is anyone’s guess, I blame having to work for a living – although not working for a living come payday is perhaps a more disappointing proposition. After persuading the lady of the house to accompany me we arrived early to […]

I’m always slightly appalled by the Guardian Travel Writing Competition because of the fact that the prize winning pieces usually spend much of their given time attempting to outdo others with increasingly obscure and esoteric locations, (and no it’s not because I’ve entered and never won – how could you think that ?). So it’s […]

I’m always surprised by the number of places, (locally speaking), that I’ve passed through but never investigated further, (which is one of the reasons for this). So it was good to actually stop somewhere I’ve never stopped before whilst on my travels yesterday, namely the town of Thetford. Thetford doesn’t get a terribly good press […]

Swell Maps


After the somewhat austere New Movement In Cities below I thought I’d re-introduce some colour and some locality to the proceedings with this lovely map produced by Blakes (Norfolk Broads Holidays) Ltd. that I picked up at the weekend. Do these type of maps exist anymore ? Or are we cursed to live with a […]

The above rather fine piece of design from Gareth Wild and Michelle Thompson aka (and found via, somewhere else worth visiting) has reminded me that I haven’t updated my Welcome To Norfolk project for ages. Will try and amend that sooner rather than later.


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